Maggie Flynn

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
23/10/1968 3429 Original w 05/01/1969 82

Stage numbers

Never Gonna Make Me Fight Soldiers, Saloon Boys and Timmy It's a Nice Cold Morning Maggie Flynn and Children I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way Maggie Flynn and Saloon Boys Learn How to Laugh Phineas and Townspeople Maggie Flynn Phineas The Thank You Song Maggie Flynn, Mary O'Cleary and Children Look Around Your Little World Col. John Farraday and Phineas Maggie Flynn (Reprise) Phineas, Maggie Flynn, Children and Saloon Boys I Won't Let It Happen Again Maggie Flynn How About a Ball? Phineas, Maggie Flynn, Mrs. Vanderhoff and Ladies Pitter Patter Phineas I Won't Let It Happen Again (Reprise) Maggie Flynn Never Gonna Make Me Fight (Reprise) Donnelly, O'Brian, Timmy and Men Why Can't I Walk Away? Phineas The Game of War Children Mr. Clown Phineas, Maggie Flynn, Children, Bums and Ladies of the Evening Pitter Patter (Reprise) Maggie Flynn The Riot Full Company Don't You Think It's Very Nice? Maggie Flynn, Phineas and Children Mr. Clown (Reprise) Maggie Flynn and Phineas Maggie Flynn (Reprise) Maggie Flynn and Phineas