Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
17/11/1920 9002 Original w 15/01/1921 71

Stage numbers

Baby Dreams Jimmie Below the Macy-Gimbel Line Rose, A Dancer and Chorus In a Two by Four Jimmie and Tom O'Brien All That I Want Milton Blum and Girls Carlotti's Vincenzo Carlotti, Jacob Blum, A Dancer and Chorus Jimmie Jimmie She Alone Could Understand Beatrice Don' Yo' Want to See de Moon? Beatrice, A Violinist and Chorus It Isn't Hard to Do Milton Blum, Henrietta and Girls Jimmie (Reprise) Tom O'Brien and Girls Just a Smile Tom O'Brien and Girls Do, Ra, Me (Do, Re, Mi) Jimmie Some People Make Me Sick Jimmie I Wish I Was a Queen Jimmie Toodle Oodle Um Jimmie and Girls A Little Plate of Soup Milton Blum