Love Birds

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
15/03/1921 9050 Original w 11/06/1921 103

Stage numbers

Let's Pretend Violet Morely and Hal Sterling The Trousseau Incomplete Allene Charteris and Girls Can Macy Do Without Me? Pat, Mamie O'Grady and Girls Two Little Love Birds Arthur Harwood and Allene Charteris (Introducing the Futurity) Debutante Chorus (lyrics by Edgar Allan Woolf) Mrs. Bronson Charteris and Guests Fat-Fat-Fatima Emir Nehmid Duckin and Guests Is It Hard to Guess? Allene Charteris, Arthur Harwood, Violet Morely and Hal Sterling Girl Like Grandma Pat, Mamie O'Grady and Ensemble Murrayisms/Down Around the River Jennie O'Hara Rooneyisms/Molly O'Malley and Me (music by Pat Rooney, James Kendis and A. Brockman; lyrics by Pat Rooney, Pat Persian Fantasy (lyrics by Clarence Marks and Jack Stern) Velonka When the Cat's Away Warrington Knight and Harem Ladies A Little Dream That Lost Its Way Emir Nehmid Duckin and Allene Charteris I Love to Go Swimmin' with Wimmiin' Pat and Harem Girls Bokhara (In Bokhara, Miss O'Hara?) Jennie O'Hara Two Little Love Birds (Reprise) Arthur Harwood and Allene Charteris Love Will Always Find a Way Arthur Harwood Carnival Night Violet Morely, Hal Sterling, Velonka, Warrington Knight and Ensemble