Daffy Dill

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
22/08/1922 9093 Original w 21/10/1922 71

Stage numbers

Let's Play Hookey/ Kindergarten Blues Estelle and Girls Prince Charming Lucy Brown Cinderella Meets the Prince Lucy Brown and Specialty Dancers Two Little Ruby Rings Lucy Brown, Kenneth Hobson and Dan Brown My Boy Friend Estelle and Chorus I'm Fresh from the Country Gertie and Chorus I'll Build a Bungalow Frank Tinney, Gertie, Kenneth Hobson and Lucy Brown A Coachman's Heart Frank Tinney and Estelle Fair Enough Kenneth Hobson, Harry Jones, Dan Brown, Specialty Dancers and Chorus My Lucky Redskin Estelle, Specialty Dancers, Girls and Ensemble Doctor (lyrics by Kenneth Keith) Gertie and Chorus Pianologue Frank Tinney and Ensemble Captain Kidd's Kids Dan Brown, Estelle, Specialty Dancers and Chorus