Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
12/03/1923 9217 Original w 14/07/1923 138

Stage numbers

New York Town Otis Hubbard and Girls Whipperwill Florabel Parker and Girls Good Bye, Honey Falls Florabel Parker and Girls Have You Any Little Thing? Girls, Boys and Margy Any Old Time at All Telma Finnish and Chorus I'm Scared of You Senator Locksmith and Telma Finnish Rosetime and You Jack Locksmith and Chorus Happy Florabel Parker and Otis Hubbard Strutting the Blues Away Florabel Parker and Others Honey Mrs. Phyllis Full and Oswald Piper Wonderful Dance Jack Locksmith and Chorus Mo'lasses Florabel Parker and Company Indian Moon Telma Finnish Uno Oswald Piper and Girls Isabel Jack Locksmith Lolly-Papa Mrs. Phyllis Full and Girls Isabel Telma Finnish and Boys Go-Go Bug Jack Locksmith and Otis Hubbard Rosetime and You (Reprise) Florabel Parker and Jack Locksmith Pat Your Feet Otis Hubbard and Company