George White's Scandals [1928]

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
02/07/1928 10397 Original w 19/01/1929 240

Stage numbers

Not as Good As Last Year Second Childhood On the Crest of a Wave An Old Fashioned Girl Pickin' Cotton A Real American Tune Where You Carved Your Name What a Night for Spooning (music by Ballard MacDonald and Dave Dreyer; lyrics by Ballard MacDonald and Dave Dreyer) What D'Ya Say? Origin of the Tap Dance Bums King for a Day (music by Ted Fiorito; lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young) That's My Mammy (music by Abel Baer; lyrics by Edward G. Nelson and Harry Pease) Moonlight Madness (music by J. Fred Coots; lyrics by Lou Davis) You're the Cream in My Coffee (from HOLD EVERYTHING) She's Funny That Way (music by Neil Moret; lyrics by Richard Whiting) Stars, Stars, Shining Bright