The Yankee Tourist

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
12/08/1907 6354 Original w 24/11/1907 111

Stage numbers

The Teddy Girl (music by Jean Schwartz; lyrics by William Jerome) Blanche Bailey and Vaudevillians Golden Sails Grace Whitney and Men The Yankee Millionaire Copeland Schuyler (of New York) and Girls Longshoremen's Chanty Ensemble Stewards' Song Chief Steward and Girls Stokers' Song Men Would You Like a Sweetheart? Blanche Bailey, Grace Whitney and Chief Steward When a Girl is Born to Be a Lady Mrs. Sybil Schwartz Irish Memories Captain O'Malley (of the Foreign Legion) and Legion So Long Bill Copeland Schuyler (of New York) Come and Have a Smile with Me Copeland Schuyler (of New York), Blanche Bailey, Grace Whitney, Kirke Warren (War correspondent of the \"Republic\"), Captain O'Malley (of the Foreign Legion) and Billy Ashe (manager for the \"Republic\" at Athens) Saracen Song March Colonel Osten (Turkish Army) and Chorus Rainbows Grace Whitney and Girls