Tom Jones

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
11/11/1907 6470 Original w 04/01/1908 65

Stage numbers

Don't You Find the Weather Charming? Chorus On a January Morning (in Zummersetscheer) Squire Western and Chorus West Country Lad Tom Jones (a foundling) and Chorus I Wonder Sophia (Western's daughter) Wisdom Says 'Festina Lente Sophia (Western's daughter), Honour (maid to Sophia) and Tom Jones (a foundling) The Barley Mow Honour (maid to Sophia), Gregory (Western's servant), Betty (waiting maid), Peggy (waiting maid), Dobbin (Western's servant) and Grizzle (Western's servant) Here's a Paradox for Lovers (Madrigal) Sophia (Western's daughter), Honour (maid to Sophia), Tom Jones (a foundling) and Mr. Allworthy (a Somersetshire magistrate) For Aye, My Love Hurry, Bustle Hostess (of the Inn at Upton) and Officer Benjamin Partridge, a Person of Parts Benjamin Patridge and Chorus Dream o' Day Jill Sophia (Western's daughter) Uncle John Tappit Gregory (Western's servant) and Chorus My Lady's Coach Has Been Attacked Hostess (of the Inn at Upton) and Chorus Let's Be Merry Honour (maid to Sophia), Benjamin Patridge and Gregory (Western's servant) Love Maketh the Heart a Garden Fair Glass of Fashion All for a Green Ribbon Honour (maid to Sophia) and Male Chorus Beguile, Beguile, with Music Sweet Sophia (Western's daughter) King Neptune (lyrics by Basil Hood) Benjamin Patridge and Chorus Hark, The Merry Marriage Bells