The Red Widow

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
06/11/1911 7383 Original w 24/02/1912 128

Stage numbers

Patrons of the Play Ensemble Never Mind the Singing- Just Dance, My Dear Yvette When Woman Is the Question Anna Varvara, Baron Maximilian Scareovich and Captain Basil Romanoff I'm a Wonderful Man in Yonkers Oswald Butts and Girls We Will Go, Go (All Aglow) to Gogo Oswald Butts and Yvette Off to Russia Ensemble The Avenue of Palms Anna Varvara, Oswald Butts and Yvette I Shall Never Look at a Pretty Girl Again Cicero Hannibal Butts In Society It's Always Dress Parade Princess Sophya, Countess Alexandra, Cicero Hannibal Butts, Anna Varvara and Court Ladies You Can't Pay the Landlord With Love Oswald Butts and Yvette I Love You Dear Anna Varvara and Captain Basil Romanoff The White Fete Ensemble Just For You Anna Varvara The Nihilists Tantul Popova and Conspirators Soldiers of the Czar Captain Basil Romanoff, Anna Varvara and Ensemble