The Beauty Shop

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
13/04/1914 7996 Original w 27/06/1914 88

Stage numbers

In a Beauty Shop Ensemble I Want to Look Like Lillian Russell Vivian and Chorus Come Along, Little Girl, Come Along Vivian, Anna Budd, Phil Farady and Daniel Webster Briggs Saturday Afternoon on Broadway Doctor Arbutus Budd and Chorus Love's Hesitation (lyrics by Maurice Marks) Anna Budd and Phil Farady When the Creditor Comes to Call Doctor Arbutus Budd and Chorus (When You're) All Dressed Up and No Place to Go (music by Silvio Hein; lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt) Doctor Arbutus Budd Poor Uncle Gasazus Ensemble In Corsica Ensemble I Love All the Boys in the World Lola and Chorus The Sunshine Maxixe Lola and Phil Farady 'Twas in September (music by Silvio Hein; lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt) Vivian and Daniel Webster Briggs I Love You Just the Same (music by Dave Stamper; lyrics by Gene Buck) Lola and Doctor Arbutus Budd Ring Out, Glad Bells Ensemble The Tale of a Mermaid Anna Budd and Chorus The Fishing Fleet is Homeward Bound Ensemble My Tango Queen Lola and Chorus Give Us Your Kind Applause Doctor Arbutus Budd, Daniel Webster Briggs, Phil Farady, Anna Budd, Vivian and Lola We Will Sail Back Home Entire Company