Hello, Broadway!

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
25/12/1914 8112 Original w 10/04/1915 123

Stage numbers

It Pays to Advertise George Babbitt, Kick in McCluskey, Ambrose Deming and Chorus Pygmalion Roses Patsy Pygmalion and Chorus My Miracle Man Ruth Chatterbox and Chorus Hello, Broadway George Babbitt, Bill Shaverfam and Chorus Look Out for Mr. Wu Mr. Wu and Chorus I Wanted to Come to Broadway Elsie Workingson Two Dandy Darkies George Babbitt and Bill Shaverfam Chinese Celebration Chorus Sneaky Steps Daddy Long Beard Broadway Tipperary Kick in McCluskey and Chorus The Irving Berlin Melodies (Those Berlin Melodies) George Babbitt and Chorus Hippodrome Folks Chorus The Barnum and Bailey Rag Ambrose Deming and Chorus Down By the Erie Canal Patsy Pygmalion and Chorus Imitations Ruth Chatterbox Fool Dance George Babbitt and Bill Shaverfam The Carriage Starters' Guide Starter for Cohan's Theatre and Starter for Collier's Theatre The Two Playhouses George Babbitt and Bill Shaverfam Parodies George Babbitt and Bill Shaverfam My Flag Elsie Workingson and Chorus