The Cohan Revue of 1916

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
09/02/1916 8268 Original w 01/07/1916 165

Stage numbers

He Can Cure You of Love Dr. Booberang and Chorus Crying Jane Jane Clay and Chorus The Fair and Warmer Cocktail Billy Holliday and Chorus (It's a Long Way) From Broadway to Edinboro Town H. H. Hobson and Chorus (We'll Be) Alone at Last Jane Clay and Jean Paurel You Can Tell That I'm Irish Mrs. Andrew Overdraft and Chorus Busy, Busy, Busy Sadie Love, Gaby DeLys and Chorus My Musical Comedy Maiden Major Barbara and Dr. Booberang Gaby Gaby DeLys and Chorus Running Around with the Chorus Girls Stephen Overdraft and Chorus The Dancing Pirates A Dancing Pirate and Another Dancing Pirate The \"Under Fire\" Dance Soldier, Victory and Defeat Young America Young America and Chorus Julia and Donald and Joe Dr. Booberang, Jane Clay and Jean Paurel The Ziegfeld Rag Owen Kildara and Chorus The 'Frisco Melody Sadie Love and Chorus The Balloon Girls Chorus