Kissing Time

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
11/10/1920 8997 Original w 04/12/1920 65

Stage numbers

Custom-Made Maids Shoppers and Models Bill and Coo (lyrics by George V. Hobart) Tashi and Emile Grossard Temporary Wives Ensemble (It's) The Nicest Sort of Feeling (music by William Daly) Robert Perronet and Ensemble An Absolute Don of a Juan Polydore Cliquot and Specialty Dancer Love's Telephone Clarice and Robert Perronet Mimi Mimi and the Boys Keep a Fox-Trot for Me Specialty Dancer, Paul Pommery, Tashi, Emile Grossard and Ensemble Kikerikee (lyrics by George V. Hobart) Clarice, Mimi, Armond Moulanger and Robert Perronet Bill and Coo (Reprise)(lyrics by George V. Hobart) Robert Perronet and Clarice So Long as the World Goes Round (lyrics by George V. Hobart) Clarice, Mimi, Polydore Cliquot and Robert Perronet Mimi Jazz Mimi, Ensemble, Paul Pommery and Specialty Dancer Kissing Time Robert Perronet Kissimee (lyrics by George V. Hobart) Mimi, Polydore Cliquot and Ensemble Aboslutely Certain Clarice and Robert Perronet