Sun Showers

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
05/02/1923 9200 Original w 17/03/1923 48

Stage numbers

(Get Him) On a Moonlight Night May Worthy and Girls He Loves Me Alice Worthy and Girls How Do You Doodle? May Worthy and Jerry Jackson Sun Showers Alice Worthy, May Worthy, Bobby Brown and Jerry Jackson (I'm) a Greenwich Village Chambermaid Minnie Silver and Girls Everyone Is Beautiful in Someone's Eyes Alice Worthy and Bobby Brown Oh! Professor Professors and Girls Worth While Waiting For Alice Worthy and Bobby Brown In the Morning May Worthy and Jerry Jackson Each Little Jack (Is Some Girl's Little John) Bobby Brown and Girls Speak Without Any Compunction Minnie Silver and Tommy Dugan Yours Truly Alice Worthy and Girls Clip, Clip the Coupons Waiters and Mrs. Thompson Terpischore, the Goddess of Dance Jerry Jackson