Artists and Models [1924]

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
15/10/1924 9603 Original w 23/05/1925 519

Stage numbers

Artists and Models What a Village Girl Should Know Tomorrow's Another Day What a Beautiful Face Will Do Off to Greenwich Village I Love to Dance When I Hear a March Good Night (music by Leo Wood, Irving Bibo and Con Conrad; lyrics by Leo Wood, Irving Bibo and Pull Your Strings Shoes (music by Jay Gorney; lyrics by Owen Murphy) (The) Model Toddle My Lily Maid The Midnight Color Ball Who's the Lucky Fellow Dancing Colors Jazz a la Russe (music by Alfred Goodman) Mediterranean Nights Always the Same The Tiller Girls (My) Riviera Rose (music by Horatio Nicholls; lyrics by Jean Frederick) Behind My Lady's Fan