Here's Where I Belong

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
03/03/1968 3147 Original w 03/03/1968 1

Stage numbers

We Are What We Are Adam Trask, Caleb Trask, Lee and Aron Trask Cal Gets By Caleb Trask Raising Cain Caleb Trask and Ensemble Soft Is the Sparrow Aron Trask Where Have I Been Adam Trask, Lee and Townspeople No Time Caleb Trask and Aron Trask Progress Male Ensemble Good Boy Caleb Trask Ballet Caleb Trask, Juana, Abra Bacon and Dancing Ensemble Act Like a Lady Abra Bacon The Send-Off Townspeople Top of the Train Adam Trask and Caleb Trask Waking Up Sun Abra Bacon and Caleb Trask Pulverize the Kaiser Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Tripp, Mrs. Heink and Townspeople Where Have I Been (Reprise) Adam Trask Good Boy (Reprise) Caleb Trask You're Momma's Kate Here's Where I Belong Caleb Trask and Abra Bacon We're a Home Adam Trask, Lee, Aron Trask, Abra Bacon and Caleb Trask