Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
22/03/1969 2861 Original w 22/03/1969 1

Stage numbers

Molly Billy Budd Chanty Stafford, Fallon, Smithy and Stoker Watch Out for Claggart/Work Boscombe, John Claggart (Master-At-Arms) and Crew Shaking Hand with the Wind Billy Budd Whiskers' Dance Whiskers and Crew Billy Molly and Billy Budd It Ain't Us Who Make the Wars Campbell and Crew The Bridge to Nowhere Captain Edward Vere The Night and the Sea Billy Budd and John Claggart (Master-At-Arms) Whiskers' Dance (Reprise) Whiskers, Billy Budd, Fallon, Donald Taff and John Thorp In the Arms of a Stranger Dansker The Fiddlers' Green Whiskers, Campbell, Boyer, Stoker, Rawley and Gilbert My Captain Captain Edward Vere and Billy Budd Requiem Billy Budd