Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
29/04/1968 3393 Original w 30/06/1972 1750

Stage numbers

Aquarius Ron and Company Donna Berger and Company Hashish Company Sodomy Woof and Company Colored Spade Hud and Company Manchester Claude and Company Ain't Got No Woof, Hud, Dionne and Company I Believe In Love Sheila Air Jeanie, Crissy, Dionne and Company Initials Company I Got Life Claude and Company Going Down Berger and Company Hair Claude, Berger and Company My Conviction Tourist Lady and Company Easy To Be Hard Sheila Don't Put It Down Berger, Steve and Woof Frank Mills Crissy Be-In Company Where Do I Go Claude and Company Dead End Dionne, Leata, Emmaretta, Suzannah and Joe Electric Blues Suzannah, Leata, Steve and Paul Black Boys Martha, Suzannah and Natalie White Boys Dionne, Lorrie and Emmaretta Walking in Space Company Abie Baby Hud, Jim, Ron and Lorrie Three-Five-Zero-Zero Company What A Piece Of Work Is Man Ron and Walter Good Morning Starshine Sheila, Dionne and Company The Bed Company The Flesh Failures (Let The Sun Shine In) Claude, Sheila, Dionne and Company